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The mission of the PS 133 Arts Department is to foster a supportive and collaborative environment where students learn to express themselves through the four arts disciplines- dance, drama, music and visual arts. Through participation in the arts, students gain skills including self-expression, communication, confidence, creativity, and empathy-skills that are essential to success in both school and life.

Our program provides all students with in-school arts classes, dedicated arts spaces, artistic residencies, arts-based field trips, performance opportunities, and numerous after school arts programs.

Dance with Ms. Wylie

Dance provides the opportunity for students to learn 21st century skills including creativity, collaboration, social skills, and productivity. Pre-K will focus on personal space, body control, and locomotor/non-locomotor movement through creative dance. Lower grades will focus on creative dance as well as an intro to ballet technique, choreography and dance history. Upper grades will begin with an intro to dance covering creative movement concepts and then begin to focus on ballet and modern technique, Jazz and Hip-Hop dance history, and choreography.

Drama with Ms. Schmidt 

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Ms. Schmidt in her 3rd year teaching at PS133. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts in Educational Theater. 

Ms. Schmidt loves teaching students about theater, community, and using your voice to make a difference in the world.  Drama class will be a time for your child to use their imagination and flex their creative muscles. Through participation in the theater, students build the life-skills referred to as the Five Cs; creativity, communication, collaboration, confidence, and compassion.

In her classes, students develop community as they learn to work together as an ensemble, compassion as they portray diverse characters, and confidence as they learn new skills to creatively express their feelings and ideas. Units of study include the Actor’s Toolbox, pantomime, puppetry, musical theater, playwriting, storytelling, theatrical design, play production and more. Some of her favorite productions which she has directed include Pinkalicious, Annie, Lion King Kids and Aladdin Kids!

Music with Mr. Crimmins

Beginning in PreK, our students begin to learn music through song, percussion instruments and movement. From Kindergarten through second grade, students play piano and develop keyboarding skills through music concepts, ear training, practice and performance. By the third grade, students learn to play the recorder which emphasizes musical concepts, technique and music history. Our fourth and graders learn the joys of being in a Modern Band through singing, and playing the piano, drums, ukulele and guitar.

Studio in a School with Mr. Noel

Students discover they can express themselves in new ways through manipulating art materials. They find new solutions for artistic and intellectual challenges. As they learn to work independently and collaboratively in a new language, they often discover important insights about themselves.

Each student creates art that reflects his or her unique set of artistic skills and interests, engaging critical thinking as well as creativity. Students respond to a wide range of stimuli and themes and use memory, observation, and imagination to create art works that showcase their individuality.

Students learn how to create art – and so much more. They learn to use artists’ tools, hone their technical and expressive skills, and develop vocabulary to describe their intentions and explain their choices as they persevere and solve problems through a multi-step process. They learn to envision an idea and develop it. Making art gives students the confidence to further pursue their creativity.


PS133 is proud to partner with the following arts residency programs: 

S'Cool Sounds

Creative Stages

Marquis Studios

If you would like to help further the vision and reach of performing arts at PS133, please email [email protected].