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PS 133 uses a balanced literacy approach to teaching reading and writing. Teachers College Reading and Writing Project serves as the primary curriculums for literacy instruction. Teachers provide personalized and precise instruction so that children are matched to their individual levels—this allows teachers to monitor every child. 



Envision serves as our primary mathematics curriculum. We approach math with a hands-on, realistic perspective that encourages students to look at how mathematics is all around us, every day. Envision also provides computer resources like videos for extra practice at home.



Students receive science both in their regular classrooms and from our science teachers in the school science labs. We encourage students to experience science by exploring the world around them, introducing concepts through experiments. In 2011, we created the Garden of Wonder where students plant, maintain, harvest, and taste edible plants, and develop an appreciation for urban gardening. 


Social Studies

Our students begin studying social studies by first studying themselves and their neighborhood, and then year by year expand their studies to other cultures, parts of the country and countries of the world. All of our social studies lessons and projects integrate reading and writing themes from the English Language Arts curriculum. 



At PS 133 we believe in a holistic approach to teaching our students. Students from PreK through to 5th grade receive at least one period of enrichment a day. These subjects include Physical Education, Drama, Technology, Music, Science, Spanish, and Art. In addition to their daily enrichment classes, students also receive enrichment residencies for a portion of the year. These programs include puppetry, choir, movement & music, theater, swimming, and coding.