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PTA Executive Board

PTA Executive Board
The PTA of PS 133K is led by the executive board which is made up of various officers. Elections are held in June of each year and officer positions run from July 1 to June 30. All parent members of the PTA are invited to run for any board position. For a full description of officer duties, check out our bylaws.
CO-PTA Presidents

Jen Skoda


Angela Pennyfeather


Max Duykers

Assistant Treasurer

Louis J. Vetter

Co-Recording Secretaries

Margaret Pickron


Esra Dayani

Co-Secretaries of Communications

Abby Cover Hume


Alexis Carroll

Co-VP’s of Development

Sherri Greenbach


Aida Bardales

Co-VP’s of Community Involvement

Tracy-Ann Vetter 


Zac Martin

VP of Extended Day