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School Leadership Team (SLT)

The School Leadership Team (SLT) brings together school administrators, teachers, and parents to strategically plan the educational and enrichment goals that are implemented into the PS 133 curriculum in conjunction with DOE standards.

The SLT assesses and prioritizes school needs to plan the curriculum, set academic goals and in turn develop the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). They are responsible for developing an action plan to achieve set goals as well as for monitoring the school’s progress in meeting the learning needs of students and promoting their educational achievement.

The team is comprised of an equal number of parents and staff and meets at least once a month. Parents are elected to SLT on an annual basis based on open seats. The term is two years. If you are interested in serving on the SLT, please keep your eyes peeled for information regarding SLT elections in the spring.

2020/2021 School Leadership Team
Heather Foster-Mann (Principal)
Ana Amadei (PTA Co-President)
Vivian Quintero (UFT Chapter Leader)
Sherene Irvine Wright (Teacher)
Samantha Rubin (Teacher)
Gladys Munafo (Teacher)
Angela Pennyfeather (Parent)
Yoko Lytle (Parent)
Kira Sekiguchi (Parent)
Melanie Okadigwe (Parent)

Other members of the school community may attend SLT meetings to observe and listen to the proceedings.
Excerpt from last meeting notes (October 18th)

What is SLT - Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Meetings will be 4:00 pm until 5:00 pm each day
  • We will be revising the CEP, create goals etc
  • Everyone will be added to the CEP website to edit so clarify emails
  • The meeting cannot happen without the core members, the core members can share a designee
  • We try to set our agenda before we leave the meeting 
  • We will be revising our school goals 
  • Our job is to look at the comments, see the feedback we’re given and work on those
  • Chairperson - Samantha Rubin
  • Facilitator - Angela Pennyfeather 
  • Recording Secretary - Sherene Wright 


Review Chancellor Regulations 

  • Read through Chancellor's regulations and CEP documents they are shared in the SLT drive plus were shared in the 


Title I Meeting 

  • We are a Title I school as of now 
  • Galaxy allocation plan on DOE website = School budget
  • The Comprehensive Educational Plan should drive the budget
Minutes of previous SLT meetings are available from Mrs. Sherene Irvine Wright.

Meeting Dates - 4:00 pm

  • Monday October 18th
  • Monday November 8th 
  • Monday December 13th
  • Monday January 24th 
  • Monday February 28th 
  • Monday March 21st  
  • Monday April 11th 
  • Monday May 16th
  • Monday June 6th
Please email if you wish to attend the meeting.
Thank you.