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School Leadership Team (SLT)

The School Leadership Team (SLT) brings together school administrators, teachers, and parents to strategically plan the educational and enrichment goals that are implemented into the PS 133 curriculum in conjunction with DOE standards.

The SLT assesses and prioritizes school needs to plan the curriculum, set academic goals and in turn develop the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). They are responsible for developing an action plan to achieve set goals as well as for monitoring the school’s progress in meeting the learning needs of students and promoting their educational achievement.

The team is comprised of an equal number of parents and staff and meets at least once a month. Parents are elected to SLT on an annual basis based on open seats. The term is two years. If you are interested in serving on the SLT, please keep your eyes peeled for information regarding SLT elections in the spring.
SLT Bylaws

The primary mission of the School Leadership Team (SLT) of PS 133 is to oversee the development of the school’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) and make decisions about the budget that allow the CEP to be implemented. The SLT also supports the school’s education model of graduating responsible, productive, and well-rounded citizens with strong critical-thinking and academic skills. We love our students, value our teachers and other professionals, and work hand-in-hand with our local community to provide every child who walks through our doors with a wonderful education in a safe and caring environment.


The SLT:

  •          Creates a structure for school-based decision-making and shaping the path to a collaborative school culture.
  •          Develops the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) and school-based educational policy that is aligned with resources and the school-based budget to implement the plan.
  •          Assists in the evaluation of the school’s educational programs and their effect on student achievement.
  •         Consults with the Title I Parent Advisory Council (PAC) regarding the joint development of the CEP, Parent and Family Engagement Policy (PFEP), and School-Parent Compact (SPC) in Title I schools.
  •         Communicates outcomes of SLT meetings to school communities with appropriate language translations.
Here's a link to our SLT Bylaws
  • 2022-2023 School Leadership Team
Heather Foster-Mann (Principal)
Ana Amadei (PTA Co-President)
Vivian Quintero (UFT Chapter Leader)
Angela Pennyfeather (Parent)
Yoko Lytle (Parent)
Kira Sekiguchi (Parent)
Melanie Okadigwe (Parent)
Veronica Parker Hahn (Parent)
Josedaphkar Brunard ( Teacher )
Tabby Ann Cardoza ( Teacher )
Madeline Rudden ( Teacher )
Other members of the school community may attend SLT meetings to observe and listen to the proceedings.
Excerpt from last meeting notes ( January 24th ) 

School Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

Zoom Video Conference

School Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

Zoom Video Conference

Meeting Date/Time 1/24/2022                                                           @ 4:00 - 5:30 

Team Members in Attendance: 

  • Heather Foster-Mann                                    
  • Madeline Rudden(Facilitator)      
  • Jose Brunard (Note Taker) 
  • Tabby Anne Cardoza (Facilitator)
  • Yoko Lytle
  • Kira Sekiguchi
  • Veronica Parker- Hahn
  • Samantha Rubin
  • Charlia Campbell



Sanford Harmony: If you had to stay inside all day, how would you spend your time?


Eyes on Equity Focus: Quote from Martin Luther King and what it means to you.


Updates from last meeting:

2022-23 Progress Reporting Tool (PRT) 


Feedback from PPO meeting - Improve Two way Communication 

  1. How do we make sure that the information is being received by parents ? 
  2. What is the disconnect ? How do we get parents to interact with the content that we are pushing forward? 
  3. How do we have a two way communication with parents?
  • Making content more interactive / Overload of communication
  • Three line summary - takeaway from message 
  • Ask parents to appreciate the post. 
  • Pairing newsletter with 60 second recaps/ wrap up video. - instead of the principal video/More engaging videos. 
  • Virtual student government video
  1. School wide Town Hall- (Agenda - key point throughout the year ) Mid year check- in. ( submit questions prior to meeting) 
  • Think of ways to include children and adults.
  1. Did you know? video from parents on First Friday. ( Communication Facts about 133)

Increase Diversity in our school 

  • Recruitment - reach out to communities.


Next steps:

2022-23 Progress Reporting Tool (PRT)- Quality Individualized Education Program

Remaining Meeting Dates

  • Feb 13, 2023
  • Mar 20, 2023
  • Apr 24, 2023
  • May 22, 2023
  • Jun 12, 2023
Please email [email protected] if you wish to attend the meeting.
Thank you.