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Enrichment Partnerships

PS 133 is working with a number of community partners to create a rich learning environment for our children. We are also working with our PS 133 families and children to develop opportunities for shared learning, whether through our clubs like our robotics and chess clubs or through learning partnerships like Learning Buddies. The listing below provides a glimpse at the myriad programs and partnerships in which PS 133 participates.
Urban Choir
The Urban Children’s Choir (UCC) is a contemporary singing project based in Brooklyn, NY. The group is for children aged 7 – 10 years old and is open to young people of all ability levels…. No audition is necessary! The group rehearses and perform songs, in harmony, from a range of musical genres, including: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Urban, Gospel, World and Jazz. The sessions are low-cost and designed to be accessible, fast –paced, engaging and fun, giving children the opportunity to develop their confidence and skills, evolve as vocalists and have a great time through singing in a positive and collaborative environment. If your child loves to sing, wants to develop his or her voice and have a great time through learning music… then the Urban Children’s choir is the program for them!
S’Cool Sounds
S’Cool Sounds (SCS) provides hands-on music instruction for K-12 children through classroom teaching and after school programs. Emphasizing cross-cultural musical training, students learn to play recorders and percussion – universal instruments easily learned in the beginning stages – and quickly come together into vibrantly functioning musical ensembles. Classroom activities include songs, dances, and singing games that integrate physical, aural, and language skills. Our lesson plans aim to nurture music creation, participation, performance, and analysis while contributing to students’ success in school by strengthening literacy, mathematics, science, motor, socialization and other cognitive skills. Teaching materials focus on regional and world music to celebrate local traditions and act as a primary gateway through which students explore musical resources, develop critical responses, and gain cultural sensitivity.
Creative Stages NYC
Creative Stages NYC brings their mission improve educational success by using theater arts instruction as a method of personalizing and embodying educational content across the curriculum, to 3rd graders at PS133.
As part of this unique program, inspired by the famous Russian actor Michael Chekhov and developed over many years by Arts Education experts, all 3rd-grade students will study an international folktale, chosen by their teachers. All sessions will be led in the classroom by a team of professional actors and Teaching Artists. Early sessions of the drama program will focus on developing acting and performance vocabulary while introducing the folk tale. Students will work on the acting skills of gesture, pose, and emotional expression while being introduced to the literary idea of archetype characters. Midway through the residency, the students will direct their TA’s, along with another guest artist, in a scene from The Odyssey. This is an opportunity for them to apply their theater skills to the beginning, middle, and end of a rehearsal process. Then they will move into the rehearsal phase of the residency, with students collaborating to learn to move, speak, and make interpretive decisions about their character. The concept of “choral character teams” is used to build ensemble and teamwork; not one student plays a role, but many, in unison. The aim is that, through the use of character development, collaboration, and self-reflection, students will gain important social/emotional skills, and understand multiple perspectives, while learning a content that supports the 3rd-grade curriculum.
Marquis Studios
 Marquis Studios is a 39‐year‐old nonprofit organization providing arts education services to more than 130 New York City public schools. We serve diverse populations. 80% of program participants live at or below the poverty line, and as the Kennedy Center VSA NYC Affiliate organization, more than half of our grant-funded programs serve students with disabilities. We offer a full spectrum of residencies which encourages student exploration of visual arts, theater, music, dance, architecture, circus arts, and puppetry. Our goal is to develop a passion for creative learning in each and every child allowing students to reach their full potential.
Together with the Food Bank of New York, students and families in all grades get to participate in this exciting program to bring healthy foods and eating into the classroom, school and wider community. PS 133 is also one of a number of New York schools that no longer use Styrofoam in the cafeteria