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Spanish Dual Language


This program was initiated by parents and the school who saw the success of the French-English Dual-Language program and wanted to expand it to include Spanish.
The first Spanish-English Dual-Language class began in 2012 with one kindergarten class. As the first class(es) of students move up the school all the way to 5th grade, the Spanish and French Dual-Language Programs will grow with them.
Why Spanish?

Spanish is spoken throughout the Americas and the rest of the world. One of the official languages of the United Nations, it is also the official language in 14 countries. The Spanish-speaking world is rich in diversity, and children who participate in the Dual-Language Program at PS 133 are also tapping into a long association the school has had with Spanish-speaking communities in New York.

English- and Spanish-speaking children learn both their primary and a secondary language in an immersion environment. Following a 50/50 model, 50% of the students are English-speaking and 50% Spanish-speaking, and half the daily instruction for students will be in Spanish and the other half in English.
How to Apply

Applications open early in the calendar year for the forthcoming school year.
Dual-Language Testing Request

Please use the links below to request an appointment to have your child tested for Native Spanish Speakers seats in our Dual Language Program. You will receive an appointment confirmation via email from [email protected] within a few days of your request.
Inscripción para la evaluación de hispanoparlantes nativos.
Presione aquí para programar una cita (formulario en español).
Click here to request an appointment (English version).
For admissions information about this program, please click here or contact Parent Coordinator Ahmed Dickerson at [email protected] or (347) 563-5321.