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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How are native speakers identified in the PreK process? 

After parents apply and are accepted into PreK, language preference is requested by parents. Because PreK is not full immersion as it is in Kindergarten, there is no formal language assessment. 

How much of the 2nd language is taught in PreK?

Students are exposed to the 2 nd language but it is not the same as our 50/50 model as used in Kindergarten. Students start with one morning per week in the 2 nd language and then they transition to two full days in the 2nd language. 

How many kids apply for French/Spanish/General Kindergarten? 

How long was the waitlist last year? Do all the French/Spanish/English who apply get in? 

The waitlist moves according to the declinations of a particular program. The GE program typically has a shorter waitlist and it moves quickly. The DLP program is different. Native speakers typically have a stronger chance of being accepted.


If you attend PreK at 133, are you guaranteed a spot for Kindergarten? 

The Prek and K admissions process is completely separate. If already enrolled in PreK, you must reapply for K and the same priorities (district, sibling) are considered for entry into the lottery. Historically, most of our PreK students have transitioned successfully into our K program. 

Can you apply to the DLP if the parents don’t speak the language? Will your child be at a disadvantage? 

We have many DLP students where both parents do not speak the 2nd language. 

Does the child have to speak French/Spanish to apply to the DLP as an anglophone?

No, we accept 12 students per class who have no prior knowledge of the 2 nd language. 

How fast does the waiting list move?

Movement of the waiting list depends on whether or not parents accept or decline the seats. Parents are notified in the order of the waiting list as quickly as we know availability. 

If I opt out of the program at a later date, will my child be given a seat in the General/Mono-lingual kindergarten class?

 If seats are available, your child can be offered a seat in the monolingual class. However, once a DLP seat is declined, it will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. There is no guarantee of re-admittance into the program